Live After An Abortion


What to expect after an abortion at 7 weeks?

Abortion is a deliberate termination of an unplanned pregnancy. The two types of abortion are medical and surgical abortion. Medical abortion is also termed as abortion pill and is a non-surgical method done at 9-10 weeks of pregnancy. Surgical abortion is done at the 14th week of pregnancy.

However, the best time to do surgical abortion is between the 12th and 18th week. The biggest worry a woman can encounter is what to expect after the procedure. The recovery always varies based on the type of abortion a woman undergoes. Though complications related to abortion are rare, they do happen. Anyone that experiences serious complications after pregnancy is recommended to seek help from an abortion provider. Here is what to expect after an abortion at 7 weeks.

  • Return of periods

Immediately after an abortion, one will experience several kinds of emotions including feelings of relief, guilt, and sadness. Some cannot even control their emotions and often experience a hard time. Such people are recommended to go for counseling fat an abortion center. The signs of pregnancy such as nausea, fatigue, and morning sickness decrease immediately after an abortion. After 7-10 days enlarged breasts subside. A woman can expect their periods to return at the seventh week after undergoing an abortion. However, any bleeding that occurs before the 6th week is a post-abortion bleeding and not a sign of pregnancy.

  • Why pregnancy test is positive at seven weeks

There are a couple of reasons attributed to why pregnancy test is positive seven weeks after an abortion. Based on the hormone levels of an individual, it can take some time for it to drop to zero. Some medical conditions of molar pregnancy can result in a persistent increase in hormone levels. Therefore, pregnancy tests tend to be positive. Also, there may be a tissue retained after the abortion. The surgeon may not have completed the abortion process of the ongoing pregnancy. In such a case, one can go back and follow up with the doctor that provided the operation.

  • pregnantThings to observe after an abortion

Sex after an abortion is not recommended until advised so by the doctor. One can get pregnant any time if they engage in sex immediately after an abortion. Therefore, it is vital for one to discuss birth control with their doctor. Additionally, during the first two days after an abortion, it is advisable for one to stay off their feet and avoid travels. This is because it can result in massive bleeding.

The results of abortion always vary from one person to another. The above are what to expect after an abortion at 7 weeks. If signs and symptoms persist, one can seek medical help.