Understanding psychotherapy and psychologists

Most of the time, people confuse psychotherapy with counseling. The two might be similar in some ways, but they are still very different. A psychologist is a medical profession with a focus on mental health, and such a person offers psychotherapy sessions. Counseling sessions are offered by counselors who are not necessary trained in any medical field. To understand psychotherapy, you need to know how it works and the different types of psychotherapy practices. During a therapy session, the main role is usually to talk about the past and how it influences our present behavior.

Types of therapy

Family therapy

Psychologist offer family therapy to help members of the family in dealing with different types of issues. This type of therapy involves talks and discussions will all members of the family. For family therapy, the psychologist will help the family members in dealing with issues like drug addiction, separation, divorce, and disability. The family therapy sessions last a maximum of one hour and all members of the family are required to participate in the therapy. The aim of this therapy is to help all members of the family deal with the issue facing one member of the family or an issue affecting everyone.

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Interpersonal therapy

This is a therapy that is a personal therapy that is done to offer the patient deal with a personal issue. Most of the time, personal therapy is aimed at solving health issues or other behavioral conditions. Most of the time a patient is required to go for interpersonal therapy to deal with issues like stress, depression, addiction, eating disorders and other health conditions. A psychologist will walk with the patient until the problem is finally sorted.

Group therapy

Group therapy is common among people who are sharing a similar problem to help them in overcoming the problem. Traditionally a group people has 12 people who sit together with a therapist to address the issue. You will find group therapies among people recovering from addiction or injuries that changed their life in a drastic manner.

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Relationship therapy

This kind of therapy is for couples who are going through a challenging phase in their relationship. It might be recommended for couples who want to rebuild their relationship. Sometimes it is also done to couples who are going through the process of divorce and separation