Importance of Carrying Out Drug Test in Workplace

Drug testing has slowly become a widely common practice in most companies across the globe. While the advantages are visible from an employers’ point of view, most employees believe that it’s a phenomenon that follows up on their social life.

However, creating as well as implementing a drug testing policy in the workplace should be a top priority for companies. But is drug testing in the workplace of any significance? Perhaps, it has several benefits such as;


Workplace drug testing promotes safety at the worksite and reduces drug use. Employees working under the influence of drug may cause several accidents as well as injuries to themselves and the other employees, especially when tools and heavy machinery are used.

Moreover, employees who continuously use drugs at the workplace are often 5 times more likely to file a worker’s compensation claim that gets expensive for the employer. Therefore, carrying out drug tests can help cut out the expenses.

They Reduce Turnover

Another significance of drug testing at workplaces is that it reduces the turnover rates of the business. Employees that use drug usually tend to change jobs often per year. Sober employees keep high-quality work and reduce employee turnover. Continually training and hiring employees is an expense in money and time that any business won’t require.

Productivity and Profits

Addiction and substance abuse may result in missed deadlines as well as decreased attendance. When productivity dwindles, it can result in lower profits. Besides, drug abuse usually results in about 40% of the employee theft, which reflects in low productivity of the company.

The performance of the employee under the influence of drugs also reduces. Often, they struggle to stay on the task, and their minds are drifted to the problems not related to work. Therefore, drug testing reaches employees not hitting their full potential and removing weak links while improving the overall performance of the company.

Reduces Abuse and Enhances Recovery

When there’s no drug testing for employees, they often feel free of using the drugs even on the job. Drug testing, however, keeps them away from using drugs, and hence reducing abuse. At the same time, drug testing can be the turning point for a healing process. Some companies encourage employees that fail the drug test to seek treatment and eventually can get out of the drug that may lead to rehiring again.