What you Need to know about Orthodontics

Orthodontics treatment seeks to correct improperly positioned of the jaw. Having teeth are misaligned, or crooked are hard to clean, and the patient risks having early tooth decay. Also, it causes stress while chewing and that cause headaches, neck, back, and shoulder pains.

Who needs orthodontics services

Who can benefit from orthodontics Hammond procedure? The dentist will conduct a full medical examination and dental history, plaster models of your teeth, special X-rays, and other necessary medical documents. From there, the dentist will determine the required treatment plan.

Prime candidates for the procedure include:

  • Overbite /buck teeth- The front and upper teeth stick outwards covering the lower and bottom teeth
  • “Bulldog” appearance (under-bit effect)- The teeth of the lower jaw are up too forward or far also back
  • Open Bite-There is a huge bite in the middle of where the teeth surfaces bite, and the back /side teeth come together

Crowding- Too many teeth than the dental ridge can accommodate

Misplaced midline- The front teeth of the upper jaw do not line with the middle of the lower and front teeth.

How the Orthodontics Treatment Works

Different treatment options use both fixed and removable appliances. It helps retain the muscles that support move the teeth and interfere the jaw’s growth. The appliances place gentle pressure on your jaws and teeth. The severity of the problem will determine the best approach.

Fixed appliances include specially set appliances, braces, and fixed space maintainers.

The removable applications include lip and cheek bumpers, aligners, which are an alternative to the traditional braces, the removable space maintainers put between specific teeth, jaw repositioning appliances, and removable retainers.


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