When is Neurofeedback Therapy Used?

Neurofeedback therapy is an important therapy for brain healing and therapy. According to studies, this is one of the safest brain healing methods that are currently available. Go to http://www.naturheilpraxis-neurofeedback.de/ to learn more. The reasons that make this form of therapy safe is very simple. The trainer or therapist uses safe and natural ways to diagnose and also heal different brain disorders.

There are other methods of brain therapy, but the disadvantage is the fact that you can never trust the safety. However using neurofeedback you will be guaranteed that there is no brain shocking using electricity while at the same time you don’t have to use any other drugs to aid in the therapy.

Uses of neurofeedback therapy


Anxiety is a common brain disorder that is cured by neurofman's braineedback. There are many causes of anxiety, but it is treatable using this form of therapy. Most of the symptoms of anxiety disorders can be reduced using therapy.

Many people who face anxiety and panic attacks may experience characteristics such as restlessness, inability to concentrate, stress and also extreme fear. These are symptoms that are reduced using neurofeedback therapy. The function of the therapy is to calm down the brain because most of the time anxiety is followed by restlessness.


Addiction is also a common disorder that is treatable using neurofeedback therapy. People who suffer from addiction are unable to control part of the brain that causes them to abuse drugs if suffering from drug abuse. The only way to control this type of addiction is by using the therapy that will help control part of the brain that causes addiction.

The therapy is also important in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms that come during addiction recovery. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are managed by sticking to the therapy until after addiction recovery.

ADHDbrain connected to laptop

ADHD is a common disorder that causes hypersensitivity in children, and this is usually as a result of brain disorder. The good news is that parents with children suffering from ADHD don’t have to worry anymore because there is now a form of therapy to treat the condition.

Children suffering from this disorder can benefit from the neurofeedback sessions that help in reducing the hypersensitivity that is common in children. During the sessions, the child will be trained aspects like concentration and focus that are common with children suffering from ADHD. The treatment works in a systematic way and the end of the day results are achieved.